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Hua Hin

Friday evening was taco night. We all went to a Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us and it didn’t disappoint. We indulged in burritos, tacos and quesadillas to our hearts content and then headed to a bar for some live music.

We knew we had an interview Saturday so we didn’t drink much and headed home at a respectable hour like the grown ups that we are!

Saturday morning was a slow one; breakfast and going over potential interview questions. The interviews were much more relaxed than what we anticipated and we were over prepared which is always better. We both came out feeling very positive and feel good about the education company - ILA in Vietnam. Fingers crossed - we will find out Monday probably.

Saturday evening was date night! We headed out to Tamarind Market for some good food and souvenirs. We had a lovely time - our last Saturday in Thailand!

Tomorrow is our elephant excursion which we are SUPER excited for.

Friday night

Tacos with the team



Date night

Tamarind Market

Coconut rice puffs