A Look Inside The New $24,000 Singapore Airlines First-Class Suite


Familiar with Singapore Airlines?

Let me fill you in. Around 10 years ago Singapore Airlines shook up the aviation world when it introduced ‘Class beyond First – Suite Class’.

They decked out an Airbus A380 (the world’s largest passenger airliner) with private cabins featuring sliding doors for ultimate privacy, a double bed, a cushy bed-side leather armchair, premium entertainment system, food and drink and washroom big enough to do a cartwheel in.

It opened a whole new game for luxury first-class products.

Just this year Singapore Airlines just added a brand new $400 million Airbus A380 to their line up and launched a second generation of the original suite class that ups the ante on all things luxurious.

Steven Lim and Annie Jeong got an exclusive access to the first ever flight aboard the passenger airline and documented it all for us to ogle.

Take it all in below!

Pretty incredible hun? IF you don’t mind the $24,000 price tag… for most of us, this is about as close as we’ll get to booking suite class without taking out a bank loan!

What is the best in-flight experience you’ve had lately? Comment below!

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