A Mother & Daughter Adventure – Tips For Traveling With Mom

Most of us as kids have traveled with our parents in one way or another. Destinations and activities were planned and we went along for the ride. It is a different experience altogether traveling as an adult with someone who raised you but an experience that can be undoubtedly worth it.

Agness over at eTramping.com took a mother & daughter trek across Germany Portugal and Spain and gives some good advice on how she prepared her for a $25 a day budget trip. Giving mama a taste of the world Agness and her bestie had become skilled at since 2011, when they ditched their nine-to-fives and started to travel full time.

My favorite part about her story it how her mom surprised her with just how adventurous and up for anything she was. Check out her 10 Tips For Travelling With Your Mom article here. 

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