Chillin’ With Chillbo Baggins

Chillbo Baggins is a posse of fun-loving backpacker and adventure-seekers.

Their mission is to make products to inspire more people to get outside and connect with the world.

Their most popular is the Inflatable Lounger that has been growing in popularity due to its lightweight construction, compact size and ease of set up…

Basically hitting all those major points you want in an outdoor lounger. And way more fun!

Not all loungers can do triple duty as a pool float (yep… I just said pool float!), day bed, and sofa for your friends.

Check out this instructional video on ‘How You Chillbo Baggins’ to see just how awesome the technology is:

So cool, right?!

I know you want to get your paws on one of these, and how about a sweet Chillbo Baggins tent too? And why not bundle it up with other travel goodies on top of that? And for free?

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