The True Story Of Fashion Santa

Those unfamiliar with Fashion Santa let me paint you a picture.

Imagine Santa, but if Santa was a runway model.  Fashion Santa!

Paul Mason is the man behind the very groomed Santa beard, red velvet suit, and oxblood leather boots. 

The character was born in 2014 after a devastating loss in his life. In an interview with Vice, Paul recounts this pivotal moment and the highs and lows that came afterward. 

After reading these details you’ll agree Fashion Santa’s Heartbreaking Origin Story Is a Christmas Movie in the Making. Read the full article here and grab a box of Kleenex before you do.

Though Fashion Santa isn’t new to the holiday season circuit, 2019 seems to be his biggest yet with a five-city tour hosting all sorts of stylish Christmas parties and of course many many selfies with Santa.

Keep up to date with this fashion-forward Santa on Instagram as he spreads his refined holiday cheer.

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