15 Funny Luggage Tags For You And Everyone You Know

One thing you probably don’t think twice about is your luggage tag.

There are an endless amount of options! Why not smile or laugh when you see yours? We’ve rounded up 15 funny and wacky luggage tags we think you’re gonna love.

1. This Bag Is NOT YOURS

A stylish and classy leather tag that discretely yet firmly lets others know what’s what. Get your hands on This Bag is Not Yours Leather Luggage Tag over at Boarding Pass.

2. You Say Layover. I Say Happy Hour.

Ah, the layover. This tag lets everyone know what you’ll be doing to kill some time between flights. Find this funny Happy Hour Rubber Luggage Tag and many others over at Flight 001.

3. Hands Off! Nacho Bag

This tag is great for a laugh – The Hands Off! Nacho Bag tag features a very angry nacho, sure to scare away any thieves. No need to worry with this tag. Find it (and a lot of other really great ones) over at Zazzle.

4. Googly Eyes Luggage Tag

This watchful puffy vinyl Googly Eyes Luggage Tag will protect your contact information and also make your luggage look like a cute pet! Fun for young and old. Buy em over at Amazon.

5. Personalized OVER HERE! Luggage Tags

With these, Personalized OVER HERE! Luggage Tags your bags will literally be calling your name from the baggage carousel. These tags can be personalized with your name! Get yours now over on our shop.

6. Fiesta Siesta Luggage Tag

Uh hun. This one makes a rhyming poem out of three things I love. Throw this tag on your beach bag. Or any bag! Available in black, pink or navy. Find the Fiesta Siesta Luggage Tag over at The Paisley Box.

7. Foodie Luggage Tags

A pineapple, a cocktail, and an ice cream?! What more could you need? Grab this 3 Pack Of Unique Luggage Tags over on Amazon for tropical vacays and getaways, or maybe when you need to be reminded of the summer on those cold winter days!

8. Party Luggage Tag

For the pizza-obsessed! Throw this silly tag on your bag and get your party on. Find this Party Luggage Tag on Amazon.

9. Dental Bling Luggage Tag

This playful luggage tag will glitter and shine wherever it goes! Visit Tatty Devine to get your own Dental Bling Luggage Tag.

10. HEY! (it’s me)

Sometimes our bags need to grab our attention when they are floating along that dreary carousel! This metal luggage tag prints your info right on the back. Find Hey it’s Me Metal Luggage Tag on Etsy.

11. Cactus Luggage Tag

You’ll be singing MC Hammer all the way to and from the airport with this one. Get your Can’t Touch This Cactus Luggage Tag now. What are you waiting for? Over on Zazzle of course.

12. Fur Flamingo Luggage Tag

Look at this happy bird! This glittery, faux fur flamingo will be swimming to the top of the heap and sure to be seen amongst the sea of boring luggage tags in its company. Skinny Dip London is the place to go to buy this Fur Flamingo Luggage Tag!

13. You Are Here Luggage Tag

Just in case you forget where you are… You Are Here. I foresee a lot of fun photos on a trip with this eye-catching tag. Another one of our favorites from Flight 001.

14. Oversized Luggage Tag

A jumbo tag is just what your luggage needs! This one is for the over-packer. Shoptiques has got it, get it!

15. Emoji Luggage Tags

If you need a good laugh, there are now official emoji luggage tags. From the sunglass guy to the laugh/cry face, you can be sure to smile when you pick up your bag at the airport! Check out all the Emoji Luggage Tags over on Amazon.

Did you find one that you absolutely love and can’t wait to show off to the world?! Drop us a comment below!

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