Head Case: Taking Custom Luggage To A Whole New Ridiculous Level

Want to be 100% sure to have no luggage mix-ups while you travel? Ever?

If the answer is yes, nothing will guarantee this more than this in-your-face luggage cover, with, well, your giant face on it.

The ultimate custom luggage accessory aptly named Head Case will take an image you supply and print it on a suitcase cozy.

Made of durable polyester spandex, these stretchy case covers slip over your bag sort of like a suitcase diaper with well-placed openings for wheels and handles.

Head Case was created and developed by Firebox, a company that is dedicated to creating and curating a delightful selection of alternative lifestyle goods for those of us who appreciate the… unconventional.

Makes a hilarious practical gift for pretty much anyone with a sense of humor.

Know someone who needs this? Want one for your self? Comment below!

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