Inside The Unclaimed Baggage Center!


Ever wonder what happens to lost unclaimed baggage?

I really hadn’t. That was until I heard about a magical store called the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

If you or anyone you’ve known has gone through losing luggage and for some reason doesn’t get reunited (only a very small percentage of luggage goes unclaimed) the final destination of these bags, suitcases, and items are often Scottsboro, Alabama. Home to the one and only Unclaimed Baggage Center.

The reseller sorts through these mystery bags and makes piles of stuff to trash, stuff to sell, stuff to clean and stuff to give away.

As an avid thrifter, junk store enthusiast and vintage scrounger this place sounds a bit like a dream.

Along with the usual suspects you’d expect like clothing, cameras, and shoes the center has come across some very special finds as well. Like a full suit of armor, a space shuttle camera and a shrunken head to name a few! They have an on-site museum showcasing these rare, exotic and valuable items.

Take a look inside and tour of this very unique shop:

This place is now on my bucket list. Have you been and found treasures?

Want to go? Comment below!

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