New in town? Call up your Cool Cousin App

The idea is simple and the app is elegant.

Cool Cousin connects visitors to locals that impart their advice, tips, and recommendations on what to check out when they’re in their home town.

Use it to do one of two things:

1. If you’re cool, live in a hot travel destination and know the best places to hang, check out art, go for a beer etc. – become a Cousin and help like-minded people find those spots you love so much.


2. Connect with a Cousin and use their recommendations to save you time and energy doing research, reading dull guide books and guess work. This is a tested and approved place and your cousin thinks you’ll love it. Done and done.

Developed for iOS, it’s now live in 16 cities around the world. If you’re hitting up biggies like New York, Lisbon or Madrid, you have to check it out. Download and find out all you need to know here.

Have you used Cool Cousin? Comment below!

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