Nightmare Flight Attendant Stories


Sure. We’ve all had some annoying flights in our lifetime.

The dreaded seat-kicking from an unsupervised child behind you. The awkward moment the stranger next to you falls asleep on your shoulder. The man sporting so much cologne you can’t breathe.

But these annoying scenarios are nothing compared to the horror stories from the brave flight attendants working the front lines.

Thrillist reveals some first-hand stories from flight attendants that will give you chills. In the article Flight Attendants Reveal The Worst Flights They’ve Ever Worked, you will hear just how intense it can get when you are hurtling through the sky and responsible for the well being and safety of some crazy people, during crazy weather and crazy circumstance.

It’s entertaining, but only from a distance. I can’t imagine being on the flight where all hell breaks loose. Give it a read here.

Got your own nightmare flight stories to tell? Comment below.

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