Top Places To Visit & Things To Do In Dublin For A Weekend Holiday

Top Places to Visit and Things to do in Dublin for a Weekend Holiday

Dublin is a multi-cultural and colorful modern city. It is blended with rich Irish heritage and soaked with magnificent international cultures.

It is the biggest city in Ireland, with an ever-growing immigrant population from all around the world. This is very well noticeable in the vibrant and diverse cuisines found in Dublin.

That said, Dublin still holds on to its traditional touch. The place is famous for its customs, legends, excellent literature, and traditional dance and music. The best thing is that refreshing pints of Guinness are never out of stock for stout lovers.

Travelers can experience the historic Irish traditions adjacent to the contemporary lifestyle on their next visit to Dublin. You can plan a trip to experience the lively Dublin duality.

There are lots of things to do that will help you to fill up a weekend away in no time!

Weather in Dublin

Dublin’s weather is comfortable all around the year. The winters are wet, long, and very cold, while summers are comfy. The city is a little cloudy and windy throughout the year. The typical temperature here varies between 36°F to 68°F and hardly goes below 30°F or beyond 72°F.

From a touring point of view, the best time to visit is from mid-June to mid-September. Tourists can enjoy a lot of warm-weather activities during this time.

Things To Do In Dublin

1. Visit The Chester Beatty

Located behind the Dublin Castle, The Chester Beatty showcases a magnificent collection of Islamic, Eastern, and Asian artifacts. You can explore the collections of French documents, paintings of Iranian tales, illuminated Ethiopian scrolls, Egyptian Books of the dead, and Jesuit touring journals.

If you’re lucky, you may also come across some workshops, exhibitions, or a guest lecture, frequently hosted there. Most of them have free entries.

2. Discover the Dublinia

You should take a tour of ancient and Viking Dublin. The Dublinia museum exhibits the Viking longboats and the scenes of medieval streets. Take time to climb the topmost of the St Michael’s Tower, a watchtower from the 17th century. You will be amazed by the scenic beauty of Dublin from the top.

The majority of tours also cover a trip to Christchurch Cathedral. The entry charge is €12 (USD 13.50), and visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.

3. Don’t forget to visit the Dublin Zoo

Dublin zoo is one of the most famous tourist attractions and is inside the massive Phoenix Park. The zoo is well-known for its efforts in wildlife conservation around the world. It is also the third oldest zoo in the world.

The zoo also contributes towards preserving and populating endangered species. The entry fee is €20 (USD 23), and the timings are from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

4. Explore the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle lies in the heart of the city. It was built in the early 13th century. It was built for protection from future invasions but acted as an English place in Ireland. It was destroyed in 1673 and was rebuilt in the Georgian style.

When Ireland was declared an independent nation, the castle was a government building till 1922. To date, it is being used for government business, inaugurations, and state receptions. Guided trips cost €12 (USD 14), and the timings are 10 am to 4:45 pm.

5. Don’t miss the Jameson Distillery

Although Jameson is not made in the city now, you could still learn about the whiskey-making process. You can even attend a whiskey blending class for €60 and a whiskey cocktail class for €50.

The distillery tour costs €25 (USD 28), and you will get a sample product at the end of the tour.

6. How about shopping in Powerscourt Center?

Powerscourt Center is one of the tidiest shopping places in Dublin. It is near Grafton Street, inside the famous 18th-century Georgia house. The artistic details inside the Georgia house are spectacular.

The glass ceiling in the central courtyard with crystal chandeliers is a place with many restaurants.

7. Read some books at the Marsh’s Library

Marsh’s library was built in the year 1707, and it is Ireland’s first public library. The library is on the opposite side of St Patrick’s Close cathedral. It also has three cages, known as Scholar Alcoves.

It’s the place where readers are locked when they are reading a rare book. The Library provides guided tours daily, and the entry fee is €5 (USD 5.60). It is definitely a must-see for any Book Lover!

8. Take a Walking Tour

Walking tours are fun as they provide history and details about the destination. Dublin Free Walking Tours are towards the North-side and South-side of the city. North-side tour includes places like Spire of Dublin and Moore Street Market. On the other hand, the South-side walking tour focuses on visits to Temple Bar and Trinity College.

Each one lasts around 2-3 hours. Although the walking tour is free, it is good to tip the guide at the end. 

Now that you’ve had a taste of what Dublin has to offer are you ready to add it to your Travel Bucket List? If you’re lucky enough to have already been to Dublin what are some of your favorite sites? Leave us a comment below.

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