11 Tips To Keep Your Vacation Home Pest-Free When You’re Not There

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Our vacation home is the place where we want to escape from the hectic schedule of life. 

Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper hygienic conditions. It also includes keeping all types of pests away from the premises when we’re not enjoying our vacation home. 

Pest control guide Stoppestinfo.com can provide you with vital information and techniques for the control of the pests. Although keeping any insect or pests away from your vacation home may be impossible, there are indeed some recommendations that would help keep spiders, ants, cockroaches, or even rodents, apart from our presence.

Who has not been surprised when removing a box, cleaning, or moving furniture? Cockroaches, wood insects, woodworm, and rodents prefer the night and, whether we live in a rural environment or the city, we are entirely in exposure to their presence.

Therefore, here you will get to know about some of the essential tips that are important to keep your vacation home pest-free when you are not there.

11 Tips To Keep Your Vacation Home Pest-Free when you’re not there:

Repairing The Cracks

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Given the microscopic size of insects, they quickly enter your home through virtually invisible slits and holes. Closing the cracks of your house is, therefore, essential to keep the house free of insects and cleaning the home. Look for damaged sections, cracks, loose bricks, and rotten wood.

You will be surprised by the innumerable possibilities that these bugs have to enter. To solve these errors, use cement to correct the cracks, change the damaged bricks, and repair the wood.

Protecting The Doors

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Sealing the doors helps keep the house free of insects and cleaning the home. If you examine the access doors to the interior of any room, you will undoubtedly repair the existence of many spaces that cause the entrance and the consequent proliferation of insects.

So that does not happen it is essential to install steel or aluminum under those doors. You can combine these protections with a door sweep. Also, add caulking on both sides and the top of the door as well as in the window frames.

Proper Cleaning

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Small insects capable of sneaking through the slightest slot in door and window frames and intrepid rodents become the most common enemy by this time. And although the kitchen and the bathroom are the main focuses of the “called effect,” we can find them anywhere in our home. Therefore, avoid leaving food scraps anywhere and outdoors, especially if you have pets.

Clear Out The Garbage

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Lower the garbage more frequently than at other times, do not wait for the bag to be full. Of course, when you put it in the corresponding container, do not forget to close it thoroughly to prevent dirt and food from spreading.

Covering Holes


Cover any holes you find in your home, especially in those wetter areas or with more intense odors. Pests are usually in protection in recesses that can escape our perception, and that is where they lay their eggs. And, not always insecticides have the desired effect, so, at the slightest symptom, bet on the work of experts in pest control.

Maintaining The Cleanliness Of The Yard


Cleaning the garden is a great ally to keep the house free of insects and encourage household cleaning, especially concerning mosquitoes and fleas. Check out the areas where water tends to accumulate.

Make sure to remove the leaves and other debris, as they are ideal for insects to hide in. Do not forget the drainage channels; keep them clean, without leaves and other debris. If you have a pool, better always filter it, even when it is not in use.

Finally, in regards to the sources, change the water twice a week, which will eliminate the eggs of mosquitoes. It would be best if you also pruned trees and shrubs, as they are excellent ways for insects to reach your home.

Maintaining Natural Predators


One of the simplest ways to keep the house free of insects and cleaning the home is to turn to its natural predators. As you know, insects are the primary source of food for most birds. For the birds to help us in this arduous task, plant trees and shrubs in their yard where they can establish their nests.

Tidy House

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Nothing is more palatable to insects than a messy house. To keep the house free of insects and the cleaning of the home, you need to end the disorganization, especially in regards to food scraps. It is imperative to store food in closed containers. Also, clean your pet’s corner before you leave for extended periods of time.

Covering Large Openings


The larger openings for the exterior of your home are the most difficult to cover. You cannot only fill in the chimney and roof openings with caulking. In these cases, to keep the house free of insects and clean the home, you will have to resort to wire mesh to prevent the entry of pests. It will also help prevent the entry of larger animals, such as squirrels.

Moreover, some of the other things that you must note are to using an insect or pest repellent and spraying it in your house when you are not there. Apart from this, one essential thing that you can do is to hire a professional pest control service to clean your house timely. 

It is essential to maintain proper hygienic conditions. It also includes keeping all types of pests away from the premises. Many pest control guides can provide you with vital information and techniques for the control of the pests. Following these tips will keep away pests from your vacation home when you are not there.

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