14 Fun Pool Floats For The Perfect Summer

Pool Floats

Get creative this summer with a fun pool float.

Summer is officially here and that means warm weather, relaxing outside, and spending time with friends and family. Some of this time will no doubt be spent by the beach, ocean, lake, or lounging by the pool. Which means there will be pool floats involved.

At the next backyard BBQ, consider leaving the ribs or cookies at home, and bring over a crazy fun pool float. We’ve searched the world wide web for the best ones we could find, here are 14 fun pool floats for the perfect summer.

Convertible Car Inflatable Pool Float

Convertible Car pool float

Fitting two adults comfortably, this Convertible Car Pool Float features a luxurious daybed for two, dual cup holders, and a reinforced ice-cooler. There’s no cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in this float, just smiles for miles.

Avocado Pool Float

avocado pool float
Perfect pool float for anyone addicted to this worship-worthy fruit!

The Avocado Pool Float pit removes to become an inflatable ball for pool time games. Make from thick, and durable raft-grade material it inflates in a flash. Fun for both kids and adults!

Giant Fire Dragon Pool Float

dragon float
Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan?! This Giant Fire Dragon Pool Float will bring you back to the magic!

Holding up to 500+ pounds meaning it’s comfortable for 1 or 2 people. Relax on this dragon or steer it around the pool as Khaleesi would. Get creative or relax, it’s all up to you. 🐉

Hot Dog Pool Float

pool floatie hot dog

Coconut Float has created a giant inflatable pool float for the hot dog lovers out there!

This adorable hot dog has your name written all over it, it’s 7 feet long, and it’s made of high quality, durable multi-color vinyl.

Pizza Pool Float

pizza pool float
Pizza anyone? This Pizza Lounger is giant and thick, making it more durable than most pool floats.

The size is ideal for families or friends, it can comfortably fit two kids and one adult. Made out of high-quality material, this float promises to never leak and when you order, you’ll also receive three drink holders that will float nearby you. 

Diamond Ring Pool Float

Diamond Ring pool Float

Planning a summer engagement, wedding, or stagette? This Diamond Ring Pool Float is for you! Break it out on a special beach day, whether it is for a bachelorette party, honeymoon, or anniversary.

Funboy Yacht Pool Float

Live large this summer and get all those Instagram likes on your very own floating Yacht!

This pool float features dual drink holders, a front cooler, a large daybed, and a windshield headrest – your friends will be calling you Captain (or El Capitan) in no time! 

Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

rainbow drink caddyThis handy Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder serves as a floating bar for you and your friends!

It holds 5 cups, cans, or bottles around the edge and you can fill the center with ice, refills, snacks, or whatever you want to float out with you and the gang. 🌈

Rose Bottle Pool Float

rose float
Grab your gal pals it’s time for some bubbly.

This Rose Bottle Pool Float is sure to make girls’ day even more fun with its bright and bubbly design! The float is over 94 inches long, we think it’s the perfect spot to take a nap, get a tan, and relax this summer. 

Glitter Llama Pool Float

glitter llama
This Glitter Llama is ready to party this summer. Made from PVC vinyl, the supersized pool tube will hold up to 250 pounds and the glitter shines nice and bright in the sun. ☀️

6-Person Inflatable Party Island

party island
If you’re looking for a true family-sized float, this 6-Person Party Island Flamingo is ideal for you.

It’s perfect for both land or water use, designed for maximum comfort, and fits six people! Bring it to the pool, the lake, or the bay. 

Everything Bagel Pool Float

Everything Bagel Pool Float
Bagels, anyone?!

While you don’t want to eat this bagel, you’ll definitely want to float around in it! This double-tube system is designed to be an everything bagel with cream cheese in the middle. Made from durable vinyl, this bagel makes room for one adult. 

Red High Heel Gigantic Pool Float

Red Shoe Float

Bring your inner Fashionista to the pool with this Red High Heel Float.

The float comes in at over 7.5 feet long and is great for swimmers ages 3 and up. 

Log Pool Float Game

log pool float game
This is the ultimate pool float competition set! Joust your friends and family with this Log Pool Float Game.

It’s safe and fun, which makes it great for all ages. Check out the durable material and high quality, perfect for all occasions!

Now that you’ve seen our list of fun summer pool floats, which ones will you be scooping up? Leave us a comment below! 

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  1. Hi Dane
    I love the speed boat, Swan & log! That log would be a blast!
    Hope all is well with you & your beautiful fam!!

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