Atlas Obscura Book Celebrates The Awe And Mystery Of Traveling

Atlas Obscura book

Atlas Obscura has been an online resource for finding the obscure, weird, unexpected and overlooked wonders of the world since 2009.

Founded by Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras, it has grown to become a trusted hub for finding off-beat exploration, history, science, and news.

Fans of the site can now get their hands on the spin-off Atlas Obscura book that curates over 700 curiosities in a hard-copy guide. Written by the original founders and Ella Morton (associate editor at it doesn't disappoint!

A few reviews:

“Fair warning: It's addictive.” —NPR, “Cosmos & Culture”

“Richly illustrated, delightfully strange, this compendium of off-beat destinations should spark many adventures, both terrestrial and imaginary.” —Boston Globe

“A perfect tome for the armchair explorer and the actual traveler alike.” —Austin American Statesman

What are you waiting for?! Get your paws on a copy here.

And we want to know - what has been the strangest travel experience you’ve had so far? Comment below!

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