The Ancient Game Of Mancala Explained


Ever played mancala?

It is a game beloved by many around the world – but it turns out that it isn’t a game at all…

Let me explain. Or better yet, let Chaz Marler creator of Pair of Dice Paradise explain.

In a segment, he calls ‘Board Games Throughout History’ Chaz delves into the origins of some of the most influential games throughout time and how they came to be.

In this edition dedicated to Mancala: The Game That Isn’t he explains better than I can exactly what if not a game mancala actually is.

The great thing about the modern version of the game is you can easily create a DIY game board out of whatever you have around (an egg carton works great), grab some stones (pennies or beans) you are ready to play.

So the next time you forget to pack a travel board game with you, get creative and play mancala!

Got your own mancala stories to tell? We’d love to hear in the comments below. 😎

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