What To Throw In Your Dog Travel Kit


Planning a getaway and bringing your pup along?

Traveling alongside your doggo is more popular than ever (looking for some inspo? Read more here). And to make sure both you and your pooch have an enjoyable time it pays to be prepared.

It has been said having a pet, especially a dog, is very similar to having a child. And it turns out packing for a pet is pretty similar too.

That means snacks, toys, emergency diarrhea kit, baby wipes… the list goes on. That is just the tip of the dog travel kit iceberg if you are Herky & Milton The Cavaliers.

This is not dog-obsessed owner Mai’s first time away with the girls and she has streamlined her process. Check out what her must-bring items are! She is very thorough and even if you don’t pack identically she highlights the important stuff to remember!

Take notes! Even better make a list of your own (organize like a pro and download Pack This if you don’t already 😉

It is a privilege and a huge responsibility to care for an animal. You owe it to them to be as prepared as you can if you choose to bring them along on an adventure.

Happy travels!

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