12 Useful Holiday Gifts Every Jetsetter Will Love

The holidays are here, which means deciding what to give the important people in your life.

For friends and family, gifts sometimes come easy. Other times, we struggle to determine what we want to give them for the perfect holiday gift. 

You’re in luck! If you are gift-giving to a jetsetter this year, we have a list of fun finds for you.

Check out 12 useful holiday gifts every jetsetter will love.

Nite Ize Gear Ties

The Nite Ize Original Gear Ties are super useful for any jetsetter.

These reusable rubber twist ties are great to organize cords, wrap headphones, and for other tasks.

They are durable, waterproof, and UV resistant – use them over and over again while you travel the world.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit is a fun way to make a cocktail on the go. Anyone from a friend to grandma will love this gift – which might make flying or travel a little easier!

Choose from the classics including Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail, Gin & Tonic, Hot Toddy, Margarita, Moscow Mule, and an Old Fashioned.

The kit includes a carry on tin, recipe card, spoon, jigger, ginger syrup, and a coaster. Just add the alcohol of your choosing! 

Airbnb Gift card

Okay, we know this isn’t a jaw-dropping surprise. But did you know you can purchase Airbnb gift cards?

The best part about this is that the receiver can choose where they want to stay – whether that’s in New York City or across the pond! 

Mini Umbrella

A mini umbrella always comes in handy because it takes up way less space. It’s always something you forget to pack, so why not help your trendy jetsetter out with this gift.

It’s a thick and sturdy umbrella, but it folds up to a size that fits in your hand. Wow! It can block 95% of the UV rays in the sun and will definitely keep you dry in a rainstorm. 

Small Jewelry Case

This small jewelry case is extremely useful for anyone in your life, but especially those who love to travel and can’t go anywhere without some accessories.

Carrying jewelry abroad or in a suitcase can be challenging, so keep them organized with this convenient case. It folds up small with the snap of a button. 

Flight Flap

In a world where we can do basically anything from our cellphones and tablets, we need to be able to properly stand them up!

The Flight Flap is the best way to watch movies, scroll through emails, and play games on a flight – it’s designed to go anywhere and everywhere. Bonus: it’s as light as a feather. 

Neck Pillow

This Travel Neck Pillow is perfect for air travel, boat travel, car travel, or simply sitting in your desk at work – which is why we love it so much!

This memory foam is versatile, is portable, stays soft, is washable, and contours to fit your shape. Looking for more neck pillows options? Check out The 10 Best Travel Pillows for Napping On An Airplane

Travel Hangers

Whether it’s a business trip, leisure trip, or better yet… a bleisure trip, travel hangers always come in handy.

Their useful for your jetsetter cause they keep clothes nice and organized, as well as come in handy when drying a towel or after steaming clothes. 

Wine Wings Bottle Protector

Have a friend or relative that’s traveling to one of the world’s best wine making countries? Want them to bring you back some delicious vino?

Then be sure to gift them this incredibly useful gift for the holidays: a wine bottle protector! These reusable bottle protector sleeves pack flat and will not leak. Put bottles of wine in your luggage and eliminate the fear of breaking a bottle in transit. 

Roadfood Eater’s Guide

We’d say this a super useful gift because who doesn’t love to eat?!

This Roadfood Eater’s Guide is essential for your jetsetter who’s planning a great road trip across the United States. The book features hidden gems and local hotspots that you just can’t miss. 

Collapsible Bottle

It’s really easy to be dehydrated when we travel. Help your jetsetter remember to drink water by making it super easy for them to drink it!

These collapsible water bottles are reusable, BPA, and silicone. They are FDA approved, non-toxic, odorless, and they fold up to take up almost no room! 

Wearable Personal Air Purifier

The wearable personal air purifier is perfect for your travel buddy because it helps keep the air nice and clean around them, which makes them feel better during and after plane travel. It’s easy to use, silent, portable, and incredibly efficient. 

Now that you’ve seen our list of travel gifts for all travelers, what did you think? Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment below!

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