Sleep Anywhere On Earth Or In Space With The Deep Sleep Cocoon

Shuteye is vital to feeling and performing your best.

This is especially true when traveling. Timezones change, regular schedules and routines all go out the window and it can be hard to get the proper restorative sleep. Times like these call for a deep sleep cocoon.

At Vollebak designers use science and technology to make innovative clothing for now and with eyes into the future. That means The Deep Sleep Cocoon is a jacket that is fit for not only long haul flights but built for the first mission to Mars in mind.

Picture a black hooded jacket with superpowers. The hood can fold down and up not unlike a space helmet and voila you are wearing a portable isolation tank.

It’s roomy enough that you can wear a pair of headphones underneath, pitch-black inside yet the fabric allows you to see out but no one can see in. Not to mention it just looks cool. To the future cool.

Find out more about the inspiration behind The Deep Sleep Cocoon and to learn more about other Vollebak garments like 100 Year Pants, shirts that can withstand the harshest elements and another jacket that reflects light like butterfly wings visit

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