Holiday Travel Tips

#1. Wrap It Later
If you’re hopping on a plane this season, ease your yuletide stress by leaving gifts unwrapped until you get to your destination. You will thank yourself for being so clever as you see fellow travelers being asked to unwrap their packages during security!

#2. Layer Yo Self
Need some extra space for gifts in your suitcase? By wearing your bulkiest clothes on the plane and throwing on a few layers you magically free up precious real estate in your carry-on or checked baggage.

#3. Don’t Get Hangry
Whether traveling by land, air or sea bringing some wholesome snacks along for the journey is always a good idea. Save yourself money and from hanger!

#4. Keep Movin’
Travel days can mean a lot of sitting around. Every hour your stationary do something to get your body moving. Try seated stretches on a plane or if your in a car pull over get out of the vehicle. Your body will thank you!

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