12 Fun Gifts For Moms Who Travel

gifts for moms who travel

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate moms around the world.

It’s that special day each year where we can celebrate our lovely mothers. You might share common interests like music or sports, and you might even get your sense of wanderlust from your mama too. Here’s our list of 12 fun gifts for moms who love to travel just as much as we do. ✈️

Grapefruit Insulated Cooler Bag

grapefruit cooler
When we travel, we need snacks. Let’s be honest, whether we’re 10 years old, 22 years old, or 45 years old, moms will always remember to pack snacks.

Gift her this cool grapefruit shaped insulated cooler bag that fits snacks and refreshments. It’s made out of water-resistant material and has 24 inch long straps – long enough to hold by hand or over the shoulder.


hoddie neck pillow
This gift is great for your mama when she travels in the car, plane, bus, or train because it doubles as a pillow and a hood. Yep, that’s right.

This HoodiePillow has a hood attached so if mama really wants to cover her head and block out any distractions, she can. It’s also crafted from super comfy sweatshirt material, so she’ll be sleeping in no time.

Camera Strap

camera strap
Help mom dress up her camera with a fun camera strap in a new print. Choose from all different kinds of florals in a variety of colors. The strap is made from durable, comfortable fabric and helpful used indoors and outdoors.

Tom Bihn Travel Tray

travel bin
This Tom Bihn Travel Tray is easy to use and will help keep mom organized when she travels. Just pop it out of your luggage or travel bag and all the small things like keys, hair ties, chapstick, and other small items will not be lost.

The bag comes in two sizes, is made of durable Duraflex fabric, and a strong drawstring to keep it closed.

Maps of the World Tote Bag

map tote bag
Does your mom love tote bags as much as we do? Yes! This Maps of The World Tote Bag is perfect for the jet-setting mama. A tote bag comes in handy when taking a day trip, week trip, month trip! She can use it to hold small items, as a carry-on bag, a dirty laundry bag, anything you can think of.

Choose from one of two map designs, both made with durable polyester and canvas straps made to withstand any type of journey.

Travel Wallet

travel wallet
While it is important your mom gets a durable wallet that will keep her information and money in one spot, it’s also important to keep her information safe.

This Travel Wallet is made of RFID blocking shield material – meant to keep her identity safe and free from thieves. This wallet includes a passport pocket, a boarding pass compartment, credit card slots, an ID slot, a zippered pocket, and more. Bonus: the high-quality material is eco-friendly!

Mini Perfume Atomizer

travel size perfume
As ladies, traveling moms have to make sure they have all different kinds of items, not only for their kids but for themselves too. One of those pesky items, perfume!

These Perfume Atomizers are perfect for helping mom travel with perfume. They are small, simple, easy to use, and come in many colors.

Happy Place Eye Mask

Happy P;ace
Sometimes Mom enjoys retreating to her Happy Place. Help her do just that with this eye mask from Bando. Made of matte soft poly satin, she’ll be asleep in no time when she slips this over her eyes during long flights, delays, or in bright hotel rooms.

Personalized Heart Cosmetic Bag

Personalozed Heart Cosmetics. Bag
These carry-all cosmetic bags are perfect for, well, whatever the heck Mom wants to toss inside… and they all come with a saying any travel junkie will get a kick out of! Feel free to personalize Mom’s, too!

Ethique Shampoo Bar

shampoo bar
We know mom will love a good shampoo bar made from natural materials that are good for the body. This one from Ethique is meant for tough scalps, but can be used by anyone. Ingredients include kiwifruit oil, coconut oil, neem oil, oats, calendula, and manuka oil. This tiny shampoo bar is TSA-friendly, eco-friendly, equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo, and it’s even compostable!

Lighted Makeup Mirror

How about a light-up makeup mirror for mom? This one is bright, with natural LED illumination and a sensitive touch light dimmer. Equalling about the same size as an Ipad, this mirror is not too big and not too small for traveling. It lays flat and has a dual power source. This mirror beats all other travel mirrors because it simulates sunlight and naturally lights her face.

Non-Slip Slipper Socks

travel socks
While socks are always a great gift, mom will appreciate slipper socks because they are much sturdier for walking around the hotel room, on the plane, or anywhere while she’s on a trip. They’re comfier than shoes, but still resemble the feeling of just wearing socks. These are non-slip with a waterproof bottom, super warm, and comfortable.

And, lastly, on extra that you can customize to make extra special:

Personalized “World Class Mom” Mug

Replace “Stephanie” with your mom’s name for a sure-fire way to take the #1 child spot! If she loves to travel, she’ll love that you recognized that and went out of your way to customize this gorgeous coffee mug for her!

Now that you’ve seen our list of fun gifts for moms who love to travel, what did you think? Are you making any purchases? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below?

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