2 Ways You Can Get Through A Long Haul Flight If You’re A Vaper

We’ve all been through it:

a long haul flight that spans over ten hours and seems to stretch on to forever, even after a nap or two. 

With a meager collection of two or so movies in constant rotation, time seems to grind down to an even slower crawl, and even veteran Airbnb-hoppers can get a little restless. 

Well, what if you’re a vaper or — worse yet — an ex-smoker new to vaping, and you seldom go through ten-hour stretches without at least a hit of nicotine?

Any vaper can tell you that a protracted period without nicotine can be a trying experience. And on long flights of a particularly stressful nature (a death in the family or high stakes business meeting, for instance) the experience can worsen severalfold. So what can be done to ameliorate the issue?

Are You Allowed to Vape on a Plane?

One thing we can definitely recommend you don’t do is attempting to vape — or as it’s commonly called, “stealth vape” — on a plane. 

Any form of smoking, whether in confined spaces or on public transportation, is now illegal in most parts of the world. And while this might be inconvenient for some smokers and vapers, we can certainly all agree that these policies are a change for the better.

Anti-smoking and vaping policies only get more strict when it comes to air travel; even airports in the most liberal countries like Sweden and the UK only permit vaping up to the departing gate. It’s largely prohibited to engage in any form of smoking (regardless of if you’re using cigarettes, iQOS devices, box mods like the wismec reuleaux rx gen3 or even JUULs) anywhere within the terminal, much less on the plane itself.

Despite the odd daredevil on Reddit bragging about getting away with stealth vaping on a plane, it’s a terrible idea to try doing so yourself. Depending on policies that vary by airline, individuals caught vaping mid-flight can face anything from steep fines to being barred by the airline for life.

Triggering a smoke or fire alarm on a plane will cause the flight to redirect to the nearest airport for a security check, and will likely result in jail time for the responsible vaper identified in the subsequent search of all passengers’ carry-on baggage.

Option #1: Try Nicotine Gum

While it’s known far and wide for tasting like an old shoe it’s certainly better than nothing, especially during a long, stressful flight. The best part is you’ll be on the right side of the law the whole time, and you might even be able to find flavored products if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks.

Our Recommended Solution: A Drop or Two of E-Liquid On The Tongue

If you mingle with fellow vapers on social media or online message boards, you’ll have noticed many veteran flyers swearing by this method. Simply buy a bottle of e-liquid pre-flight and store it in your carry-on baggage. A drop or two on the tongue when craving a hit and you’re golden. It’s basically a 21st-century rendition of the old pinch between the cheek and gum trick.

Either way, you choose to go about it, it certainly does pay to keep cravings down while abiding airline policy. It’s best not to run into avoidable delays, fines or even jail time considering the sooner the flight is over with, the sooner you can get back to vaping the old fashioned way. Happy flying! 

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