Amble: A New Kind Of Sabbatical

Amble Sabbatical

Many think gap years and sabbaticals are for either the pre-college kid or the tenured professor. 

Of course, these are both popular times for many to take a break.

But year-long breaks can be and are taken by people of all ages and at different times in life!

A new startup called Amble is providing affordable one-month destination sabbaticals aimed at creative professionals.

This new program connects people in creative fields with mission-driven nonprofit organizations who require these services in exchange for a unique stay in some incredible places.

Amble has organized two previous tours one in Yosemite National Park and one in the Sierra Foothills. Building on the success of these they are launching the third Amble sabbatical at the Glacier National Park for the fall of 2019.

Does this sound like something that was made for you? Find out more and apply over on the official site here!

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