Happiness – One Of The Many Benefits Of Traveling

benefits of traveling

There are countless benefits of traveling.

  • Exposure to new and different cultures widens our perspective.
  • Being put in unexpected situations that force us to be more creative.
  • It boosts confidence, improves social and communication skills and, drumroll, please…
  • Travel makes you a happier person.

It’s easy to think of travel as being separate from our day to day lives. But the truth is the benefits of getting away last far beyond the length of your stay…

They spill over into the fabric of who we are. Anyone who has clocked some time around the world knows how those experiences can – and will – change you (for the better).

Interestingly, science is now able to explain some of what’s going on and why travel is so addictive. More and more research is being done on mental health and what contributes to our sense of happiness. Turns out travel provides the secret ingredients to the happiness pie. 🙌

In The Science of Travel & Happiness, Miles Demars-Rote explains the research being done on this powerful travel-happiness connection. Read the full article here to discover the exact happiness formula.

So next time you need a push to book that flight, consider it an investment into your future happiness!

How has traveling affected your life and made you happier? Comment below!

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