How To Publish Your Journo Adventures!

Journo Adventures

Want to share your Journo beyond the app? We got you covered!

The easiest, most beautiful way for your friends – and the world – to view your adventures is to publish your Journo Adventures to your dedicated web page.

Forget the weeks of work and hefty expense in building your own website… we’ve done it all for you!

Yep, with just a couple taps of your finger, you can create what would have taken a tech team weeks to do, and instantly have your very own travel blog! Here’s how:

How To Publish A Journo To Your Web Page:

Journo Adventures

How To Share A Published Journo: 

Journo Adventures

You can publish your Journos during your free trial and they will stay up there for as long as you want. In order to continue to add to it afterward, though, you will need to upgrade your account. Check out our subscription plans here.

Give it a whirl and have fun! As always don’t hesitate to hit us up anytime here with any questions, comment or feedback you have.

Happy travels!

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