The Obituary Exercise – Live The Life You Dream

If we offered you a crystal ball to peer into your future, to find out exactly how your life would be laid out, would you take it?

We don’t have that. We have something better because what follows puts you in the driver’s seat before it’s too late and all in hindsight.

But it’s going to take some kahunas because you’re going to have to face your own death. This obituary exercise comes from our friend Roz Savage’s technique on getting more of what YOU want out of life while you still can.
*****Click to Download The Obituary Exercise*****

We have no doubt that going through this exercise is a LIFE CHANGER.  It was the beginning to Roz becoming an ocean rowing world record holder (multiple times) and even the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year!
Please take the time to go through this on your own… who knows where you’ll end up!

For more information and to keep up to date with Roz’s adventures, visit:

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