Peek Inside The World’s First Beer Hotel

DogHouse hotel

For beer lovers, a beer hotel sounds too good to be true.

But this beer hotel utopia exists!

Doors opened to BrewDog Distilling Co.’s DogHouse Hotel & Brewery in August 2018 and welcomed patrons to the world’s very first craft beer hotel.

A stay at the DogHouse means beer on tap in your suite, beer spa treatments, a beer fridge in the shower, a beer museum, unique access to the brewery in action and even beer soap!

Take a peek into the magic in this video.

If you are ready for a beer-obsessed hotel experience like no other you better pack your bags and head to Columbus Ohio! Have you visited? On your bucket list? Comment below.

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  1. I actually stayed at the Rogue Bed and Beer in 2002. Obviously in Oregon and when you get there, they had a bucket of some bombers in the room of different kinds of beers you couldn’t get anywhere else. Dinner was beer themed and you had free access to all of the beers on tap. Very cool.

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