15 Travel Buddy Quotes For Wanderlust Friendships

Traveling with a friend can be a life changing experience. ..

And it’s no secret that travel is the ultimate friendship test. From the planning and preparing to the trip itself, you get to know your travel partner in new and unexpected ways. 🙈🙉🙊

Long conversations are inevitable. You have to compromise. You find out how they deal with money and stress and what time they wake up in the morning…

Basically, it’s like you’re getting married for the extent of your trip.

You know when you’ve found a good travel mate (your true ‘travel spouse’) when the delays are more fun, you end the trip with a million inside jokes, you start saying the same things, and even begin dressing alike. This is travel buddy bliss. 💜 💙

We’ve all had a bit of both, but when it’s good it’s great.

And to celebrate those amazing times with your pal, whether on a road trip or overseas, we’ve put together a lineup of 15 travel buddy quotes to get you pumped for that upcoming trip with your pals or inspire you to make some new travel plans together.

Here ya go:

It’s a fact that traveling with a friend will make us do or try things we may not have solo. Whether it’s trying a new culinary dish or jumping off a cliff – embrace the adventure! (And try not to die 😉)

Is there anything better than friends and adventure? I think not.

Hitting the beach with a friend is the quintessential summer getaway.

Safety in numbers! Traveling with another guy or gal means you got each other’s back. Even if that means getting out of the trouble you just got yourselves into.

It’s true there are tons of perks to traveling alone: you decide what, when, where, and how everything happens. But along with the compromise that comes with traveling with a kindred spirit comes stamina.

“Opposites attract” is true for love as well as friendship! Are you Thelma or Louise? Wayne or Garth? When you got the Yin and Yang of friendship going, you’ve got a good thing. ✌️

Ok, a little romantic for a travel buddy quote, but really when you have your wingman or lady by your side you can take on anything.

Pun intended.

You just gotta say “yes!” And it takes two to play scrabble.

Traveling together strengthens bonds. Confiding in a friend is good for the mind and soul… especially on a rooftop at 2 am. 🍻

Keep in touch with long distance friends! It’s a great excuse to plan a trip to visit each other… and maybe even meet somewhere new in the middle.

There are lots of excuses for not traveling: time, money, being overwhelmed by the planning and prep, etc.. But, really, the effort it worth it and this quote sums that up quite nicely.


This is what you say when convincing your compadre to eat the fried crickets.

Walt Whitman summed it up with that line. No matter where you are or what you are doing, enjoy the one you’re with… they are the best part!

What was the best trip you took with a friend? Where did you go and what were some of the best moments? We’d love to hear your stories (or more cool travel buddy quotes), so tell us in the comments below!

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