18 Light-hearted Funny Travel Quotes

funny travel quotes

Life is better when you’re laughing, as the saying goes.

Humour is observed in all cultures and at all ages. It is essential for our physical, mental and emotional health. It is a hugely social interaction (we are 30 times more likely to laugh together than alone) and helps us communicate on a really primal level.

We like to believe that most travel lovers have a good sense of humor. We know there is no point in getting flustered when plans go off course. Facing the unexpected with a lightness and good humor is invaluable to keeping an optimistic attitude.

In that spirit, we’ve gathered up 18 light-hearted, funny travel quotes to provide some levity to your day!


Vacation Mood On
Image Source

Vacation Mood On. Yep, this is a good start to the list! Available as a sweet desktop wallpaper download to boot, get it here.

Sorry out to live
Image Source

We all need this door hanger. Am I right?

Good Times Tan Lines
Image Source

Headed to the beach.

I Am Too Old
Image Source

If not now, when?

Vitamin Sea
Image Source

One of the most important vitamins.

When Nothing Goes Right Go Left
Image Source

A change of direction can make all the difference.

First Coffee Then The World
Image Source


Stay Chill
Image Source

It’s a lifestyle.

Would You like An Adventure Now
Image Source

Always time for tea and adventures (in any order)! Available in an art print here!

Seas The Day
Image Source

Uh hun. This shark is seas’ing that wave. This guy is a fun shirt graphic as well, pick up one here.

Adventure Is Where Your Heart If
Image Source

This one is more aww than funny. But We had to include it!

Home Is Where The Waves Crash
Image Source

Very true words for our founder Dane and his fam!

Salt In The Air In The Middle Of Nowhere
Image Source

Who else would like there own private island?

Better an Oops than a what if
Image Source

Don’t hold back, because what’s the worst that could happen?

I'll have A Side Of Beach With My Morning Coffee
Image Source

Something about beaches and coffee just goes together well.

Less Monday More Summer
Image Source

Eternal summer, please!

Do More Things That Make You Forget TO Check Your Phone
Image Source

Less screen time more living.

When Life Gives You Mountains Put On Your Boots And Hike
Image Source

Nice spin on the life and lemons saying. Not much a hike won’t fix. Get your paws on the poster here.

We hope you liked our curated list of cheeky, funny travel quotes and sayings. Which ones were your favorite? Comment below!

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  1. I loved them all… but “Sorry, out to live “.. door sign is especially good!!… life is way too short to not enjoy every moment!!…well done!!

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