6 Useful & Amazing New Year Gift Ideas For All Travel Addicts

New Year Gift Ideas

Shower some love and affection onto the travel addicts in your life!

Our curated list of new year gift ideas will ensure that your travel buddies receive presents that are amazing and practical at the same time. 

A cool and stylish backpack

travel backpack

What’s better than a stylish, cool, and sturdy backpack for someone who’s always on the go?

It is one of the most amazing and useful gifts you can ever gift them! They are surely going to love it and will be a perfect addition to their collection.

There are a plethora of options to choose from in the market from some great brands. This Anit-theft backpack is one of our faves. All you need to know is the appropriate size for the person, and the color he/she might prefer.

Powerbank for the adventure freak


We need not emphasize the importance of power banks. You are already aware of it. 

And, as you know, it comes handy when you are in a jungle or mountains because obviously, there aren’t any charging cables. 

That being said, it makes for the perfect gift for your traveler buddy who hits the trails pretty often. 

Conduct extensive research and make a purchase that you believe will bring a smile on the face of your hardcore travel buddy.

Quality headphones


What’s better than music to complement your travel? 

For all travelers and music fanatics out there, headphones are one of the best options to rely upon this new year.

Hiking boots for the adventure lover

hiking boots

Is your travel mate an adventurous soul? Does he/she often undertake various hikes or treks?

In that case, nothing can be better than a good pair of hiking boots. They are a thoughtful gift item for any outdoorsy type.

P.S. Rocky Boots is the brand to trust with such tactical gear.

Priority Pass for year-round lounge access

priority pass

This is undoubtedly one of the best presents on the list! 

For all those who love to travel in style and luxury, why not gift them the oh-so-glorious Priority Pass membership? It allows users to access over 1300 airport lounges around the world annually.

Safety & security gear


This one is again vital for all those who love to spend time in the woods and often go camping. 

It can include different things like a compass, flashlight, or map. A compass will guide them in the right direction although you make sure first that your friend knows how to read it. 

A flashlight is one of the best gifts for your adventurous friend as it helps illuminate all the dark spaces at night. One can move around easily and even ask for help if need be. 

Hope this article solved your purpose of finding the best gift option for your travel buddy. Now that you are aware of it, grab your wallets and get ready to shop!

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