Your Likely To Have Viking Blood If Your Surname Is On This List!

A map of the route taken by the Vikings which arrived in England from Denmark, Norway, and southern Sweden in 865. Photo by Hel-hama CC BY-SA 3.0

Digging into your family history?

Your surname contains a wealth of information about your family line and an important starting point on your ancestral journey.

A new study headed by Alexandra Sanmark of the Centre of Nordic Studies and the History Channel reveals a list of 22 surnames names that are highly likely to contain Viking blood. And some might surprise you!

There are the obvious ones like any name ending in -sen or -son (this was an early naming convention meaning ‘son of’. But also on the list are many Scottish names such as ‘McIvor’, and ‘McAvoy’. Check it out:

  1. Names ending in ‘sen’ or ‘son’
  2. Roger(s)
  3. Rogerson
  4. Rendall
  5. Love
  6. Short
  7. Tall
  8. Wise
  9. Long
  10. Good (e.g. Goodman)
  11. McLeod
  12. McIvor
  13. McAvoy
  14. McAulay
  15. Doyle
  16. McDowell
  17. MacAuliffe
  18. Flett
  19. Scarth
  20. Linklater
  21. Heddle
  22. Halcro

To learn more about how these names made the top 22 and to learn some Viking history give this article over on Country Living a read.

Is your last name on the list? Are you surprised? Comment below!

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