Annie Londonderry: The First Woman To Bicycle Around The World

Annie Londonderry

Not many women cycled in the 1800s.

It was seen as a dangerous activity and unladylike by many. Despite these social norms, a woman named Annie Londonderry put herself in the history books for her spectacular bicycle trip around the world in 1894.

As the story goes she was provoked to undertake the journey when overhearing men in a pub discounting women’s cycling abilities and they wagered a bet that she took them up on.

Annie Londonderry’s world tour and what she experienced on it is now the stuff of legend. How much of the tall tales are true? Find out all of the details and more about her infamous trip around the world in this animated video!

Regardless of some of the finer details about her epic ride, there is no doubt Annie Londonderry should be celebrated for this incredible physical feat and also as an inspiration to live life by your own terms. Wouldn’t you agree?

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