Meet The Bucket List Family!

Sometimes we think crossing stuff off on our bucket list is something to do before (or after) starting a family.

Think again. The Gee family – aka The Bucket List Family – proves that travel, adventure and seeing the world is achievable traveling as a family pack.

Garrett and Jessica set out to make their family bucket list with these things in mind:

  • Become closer as a marriage and family.
  • Be good friends to the people in our lives.  
  • Live a life of service and compassion.
  • Learn to find happiness with less.
  • Become more open minded and open hearted.
  • Love and respect nature and the planet.
  • Create life long memories.

Check off all the above!

Their mission and love for life and the world are truly inspiring. Do you travel with your family? Would you ever take on an epic travel adventure like this with your fam? Comment below!

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