The Art of Travel Journaling: Recording Your Student Adventures

Travel journaling is a growing trend, especially because of its artistic aspect. In a travel journal, students can record ideas and memories according to their moods and desires.

Creating such a journal is always a very gratifying experience, not only at the moment but also when we rediscover it afterward.

Let’s continue reading this article to learn more about the art of travel journaling.

Travel Journaling: What Do We Need To Know?

Travel journaling is a form of art that allows people to immortalize their memories by writing down stories and capturing all the little things that happened during a trip.

For many, this type of journaling is a way that students can use to combine different techniques that will be outlined in the paragraphs below.

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The Sources Of Travel Journaling

In several papers, students will learn that the art of travel journaling draws its inspiration from two main sources:

  • A travel journal or logbook is mainly used by travelers, sailors, researchers, artists, or anyone wishing to document their journey. It can contain handwritten notes, sketches, photographs, or collages. It serves as a medium for recording key moments, emotions, and personal reflections throughout their journey.
  • Scrapbooking is a creative hobby consisting of creating albums or decorative pages using photos, souvenirs, colored paper, embellishments, etc. It is an artistic way of presenting and preserving memories and precious moments.

Merging these two sources of inspiration creates journal art, a notebook in which to collect memories. In addition to these elements, a student may add drawings, paint, stamps, stickers, and other embellishments. This can create an atmosphere similar to that of a personal diary.

3 Things Students Need To Know When Journaling During Their Travels

To reach your travel journaling goals, there are three rules you need to follow.

1. Make the task a ritual

You may write in your travel journal while having your breakfast or perhaps in the evening as soon as you are in bed. What is important is to find a moment each day to jot down your thoughts, whenever and wherever. Think of journaling as a few minutes of written meditation. It should be a moment in your day when you can let your mind wander without judgment.

2. Dare to transcribe your thoughts

When it comes to journaling, there is no such thing as perfect writing. Do not be afraid to write sentence fragments or jot down a list of unrelated thoughts. The idea is to let go and follow your mind wherever it takes you. 

3. Choose the best accessories

Find a diary in your favorite color and use a pen that glides across the page in the way you like. While any writing materials could be good, you should dare to be a little bit picky. Having beautiful tools that you enjoy using will make journaling a pleasurable new ritual rather than just a habit.

The Steps To Create A Travel Journal

Discover the five steps that a student can follow to create a travel journal. 

Step 1: Give it some thought. You would like to make a travel journal, but why do you want to start? What is your goal? What are you looking for? Answering this question will give you your source of motivation.

Step 2: Don’t let the fear of doing it wrong paralyze you. At first, you may not know how to get started. The key is to free yourself completely from the pressure of results.

Step 3: Practice makes perfect so try to identify a key moment in your daily life ideal to practice travel journaling. It may seem trivial, but it is essential because you are going to need a bit of discipline. It could be half an hour before bedtime, before lunch, or when you wake up in the morning.

Step 4: Choose a theme. Ask yourself whether you would like to work on a theme for your journal, that is animals, transportation portraits, food, culture, seasons, etc. Having a framework can make the task easier.

Step 5: Create some amazing backgrounds. The easiest way to get started with travel journaling is to create pleasant backgrounds for each of your pages. These can be made from paint, paper, or whatever you wish to use. The idea behind this is to come back to them later and be able to write easily. Moreover, according to your inspiration, mood, or desires at the moment, you may decide to decorate the pages differently.

More Tips For Good Journaling

We have been talking about the best accessories for efficient journaling previously. When choosing your notebook, opt for the size that suits your needs.

Some students prefer a classic A5 or B5 format for more space, while others find an A6 format more practical and portable. Be sure to select a notebook with a thick piece of paper if you use ink pens or want to avoid smudges.

If you are interested in drawing precise lines, picking a fine-quality felt-tip pen that does not smudge easily and dries quickly is a must. Experiment with different art materials to find those that best suit your style. Start by buying your accessories in small quantities, that is, a few pencils, basic washi tape, or stickers. The important thing is to reflect your personality and taste in your creations.

Remember, you are doing this for yourself, not to please others. You can use a variety of materials, such as stencils and embossing powders. However, avoid excessive purchases at the start of your experiment to avoid waste.

Do some research beforehand to find out about the different options available, specifications, and opinions of other users. That way, you will be able to make informed decisions when buying new materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Travel Journaling?

Travel journaling, just like other forms of journaling, allows students to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a non-verbal way. It offers them a safe space where they can express their deepest emotions, unleash their creativity, and find inner balance, just as they can with a diary.

Travel journaling is sometimes considered part of the art therapy family, along with coloring and drama. So, do not hesitate to take advantage of this option.

The Art Of Travel Journaling

To allow yourself to experiment with your adventures fully, start travel journaling. To enjoy all the advantages of this type of journaling, it is vital to remember that you are doing it for yourself. You must think of it more as a notebook for creative experimentation and artistic testing than as an art book. It must become your space for pure freedom.

To sum up, every student can try their hand at travel journaling and discover more about themselves. In doing so, you will experience the benefits of artistic expression, self-reflection, and letting go. So grab a notebook while you are traveling and get creative, as it can be your own space for self-expression!

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Do you think we’ve covered all of the bases? Are you ready to put to use what you’ve learned about the art of travel journaling?

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