Adventure Weekends For Couples – 10 Short Trip Ideas For A Long Weekend Together

Adventure weekends for couples

We’ve all had those weeks that just don’t seem to end. Work and life take over and before you know it, the long weekend has crept up without any warning!

If you and your better half realize you only have a short time to make plans for the long weekend (and to make it one to remember) look no further for inspiration on what to fill that precious time together with than here.

We’ve got some creative and timeless adventure weekends for couples suggestions that will get the both of you excited to pack your bags and head out hand in hand.

 Adventure weekends for couples

Hit The Road

There is nothing easier, or more classic, than a long weekend road trip. Adventure weekends for couples can often be found in your own backyard so to speak. You’d be surprised how far you can make it to and from somewhere in just 3 days.

Before packing your bags, and filling up the tank, take a look at a map and check out what’s drivable from where you live. FreeMapTools is especially helpful for getting a visual of your options within a realistic radius.

And should you have the time, there’s no better way to personalize (and remember) a road trip than custom road trip mix on Spotify – We recommend Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild!

 Adventure weekends for couples

Craigslist Rideshare

Carless but still itching to hit the road? Want to meet new and interesting people? Look up Rideshares on Craigslist departing from your starting point (or post a request looking for your desired route) and you’ll be headed to a road away from home with some new friends in no time.

And if you happen to be hitting the road yourselves and have a spare seat or two, why not offer a ride. Meeting new people as a couple is a fun and important part of being a pair. It’s more likely you’ll have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around the kids or bills when you’re getting to know someone new and the shared experience will strengthen your bond no matter who you end up meeting.

 Adventure weekends for couples

Train Travel

Skip the congested roads and hectic airports. Crank up the romance with a car-free weekend away by booking a train ticket away. There is something so charming about traveling by rail, just like your grandparents used to do!

If you’ve never taken the train then this might be the first time you’ll really get to see the landscape and countryside passing by, all while you kick back and relax with a glass of wine and delicious meal in the dining car.

The train is the trip in many ways. Find a route you can start on Friday with a return date on Monday for a scenic and cozy long weekend excursion.

 Adventure weekends for couples

Roulette Getaway

If you have some extra cash to burn and are up for taking a risk on some place completely new, we got a fun one for ya. Head over to Skyscanner, entering your departure city, departure date, and selecting ‘Everywhere’ as the destination.

After clicking ’Search Flights’ pick something within your budget from the list, book your tickets, and enjoy your flight! This is an exciting game to play when you got an itch to go somewhere but just need a little bit of inspiration.

Skyscanner also has a great section specifically for weekend getaways that will search and compare major airlines and hotels to find you the best deals to stretch those holiday dollars.

 Adventure weekends for couples


British Adventurer, Author, and Blogger, Alastair Humphreys coined the term Microadventure and brought it into popularity with a series of videos demonstrating the brilliance of the concept.

Basically, these mini excursions focus on creating adventures, often close to home, that do not require much time or money. His site is an onslaught of great information and ideas on the who, what, when and how of it. Read more here.

So why not sleep on a beach, walk a route you normally drive or swim in a river this long weekend side by side? Taking on new and different challenges as a couple will not only be fun but help you grow closer together.

 Adventure weekends for couples


Do a google search for ‘Weekend Retreats in Your City’ and see what pops up. Retreats come in all shapes and sizes. Decide on one that speaks to your shared interests (ex: yoga, spiritual, nature, spa) as there is sure to be one you’ll both get excited about. Dedicate your long weekend together with some physical and emotional papering giving you time to reconnect as a couple.

 Adventure weekends for couples

Camp Out

Camping means different things to different people. Some like to rough it to the extreme, others prefer the comforts of a cottage or RV. Whatever your style is, a long weekend is an ideal time to spend some extra time outdoors.

Many campsites these days even allow for online booking so check first to secure your spot. Is there anything better than outdoor snuggles?

 Adventure weekends for couples

Rent A House

Play ‘house’ with a change of scenery. There are so many great services that will connect you with people around the world offering their homes for short stays! VRBO is one of the heavyweights because they have so much selection (and great prices).

Another is Airbnb. Check out Refinery29’s list of 64 Airbnb’s that will blow your mind (not your budget) for a lesson in what’s possible. Each is an adventure unto themselves. Sign me up for the 15th-Century Castle in Galway Ireland, please.

 Adventure weekends for couples has become a hub for connecting like-minded people together around a shared passion for a wide variety of interests from pets to politics. Check out the Outdoor and Adventure Meetups or find one of the many others specific to couples happening around you and sign up.

Can’t find your group? Create a Meetup and find your people!

 Adventure weekends for couples


If a long weekend is in your near future, it probably means it’s an official holiday of some sort in your region. There are always a ton of goings-on during these times. Do some digging into what’s happening in your community and show up.

Street food, fireworks, a parade – these are all a great excuse to get out of the house and spend time together. Should you need some help in finding an event, you can often turn to Facebook as many community events get posted there. Combine it with a micro adventure and you’ve got one hell of a long weekend for two lined up!

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