Carry On Packing Magic: 100 Items, 1 Bag

Carry On Packing

Traveling for a year and want to keep things simple?

How about packing everything you’ll need for those 365 days in one carry on.

Yup. It is possible.

Watch with amazement as Rachel Grant packs 100 items into a single carry on bag using some simple packing hacks like plastic baggies and rolling techniques to magically reduce the pile into one tidy package:

Ok, ok, we know the final carry on bag ends up being larger than presented in the beginning, but regardless very impressive!

What do you think of her techniques? How far and long have you traveled with only a carry on? Comment below!

One Response

  1. very deceiving when she shows the tiny bag in the beginning then unzips it to reveal a normal size carryon. Otherwise her packing tips are typical & worthwhile

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