Explore The World With The GeoGuessr Game

geoguessr game

Time to challenge your geography skills!

GeoGuessr is a simple yet surprisingly addictive game.

You are shown a random Google Street View location from somewhere on the globe and you make a guess on where it is.

You can navigate like you normally would with Google Street View taking in the 360 degrees of your location advancing forward and back as you assess your surroundings. You may get additional clues like glimpses of road signs, vehicles, businesses, and houses, along with the natural vegetation and landscape to help you refine your guess.

Drop a pin on the map and check your results! The more accurate you are the more points you get. Scores range between 0 for a guess at the furthest point from the correct location and 5000 points if the guess is within about 150 meters from the spot.

The GeoGuessr game was created by Swedish IT consultant Anton Wallén he was inspired by Google Street View and how it can literally transport you to somewhere else in the world.

This game is super fun to play for all ages! Check it out here, give it a play and let us know your best score in the comments below. 🌍

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