First-Ever Capsule Hotel Bus Review!

Capsule Hotel

Cabin is out to change the way we commute.

Combining sleep and travel has been their mission, serving to find a more comfortable and convenient alternative to flying from point A to B. This is where the Capsule Hotel comes in.

The result? The first-ever capsule hotel bus

You may have tried or can picture an airport sleeping pod, think that but on wheels with some very nice hotel touches.

For a true insiders’ view of what it’s like to ride with Cabin check out travel vlogger LivingBobby as he hops on from SanFran to LA!

He rates everything from the pillows, outlet access, wifi strength and most importantly the washroom situation. Give it a watch below:

Not bad hun! Would you give it a try? Or would you rather opt for a flight? Comment below!

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