The 101 On Airport Sleeping Pods & Where To Find Them

Maybe you’ve heard the term “sleeping pods” somewhere on the internet or while you’re scrolling Instagram. But what are they, really? 

Here’s the 101!

Airport sleeping pods are convenient ways to nap or sleep while you are waiting for a connecting flight at the airport. Gone are the days where you need to sprawl across seats and find a way to watch your belongings while you sleep in an empty holding area. These sleeping pods also come in handy when you face a long layover, delays, or canceled flights. 

These are an affordable, convenient option for finding a quiet space and getting peaceful restful sleep while you travel. 

How do airport sleeping pods work?

sleeping pod

Similar to the capsules or micro hotels we’ve mentioned before, airport sleeping pods save space, time, and energy.

If you only have a few hours to sleep before your next flight or meeting, checking into a hotel might be too much for you.

These tiny capsules sit in certain spots in certain airports and are designed to help you get rest, without the hassle of checking in, unloading all of your stuff, and taking time out of your day.

How do I pay for an airport pod?

sleeping Pods

While many airport sleeping pods offer you the chance to pay right in front of the pod or booth, you can also book them online ahead of time or at a moment’s notice, depending on availability.

Just grab a credit card! Prices vary depending on the sleep pod, some may charge per night or per hour others only charge for the exact time you use. 

Are there different kinds of airport pods?

The answer is yes! Sleeping pods can be simple or more complex – it all depends on the airport and the options it gives you. Some offer nap seats with a cover while others offer full sleeping pods.

Small sleep pods usually feature a reading light, internet access, outlets, and a luggage compartment. Larger airport pods may include a workspace, private bathroom, and TV. 

Many airports offer many different kinds of sleeping pods. A few of the major airports to do so include John F. Kennedy Airport (GoSleep pods), Singapore Changi Airport (snooze lounges), London Heathrow Airport (No 1 Lounges and Yotelair), Seoul Incheon Airport (Nap Zones), Helsinki Vantaa Airport (GoSleep pods), and Munich Airport (NapCabs). However, the list goes on.

Check out some of the airport pod styles below and which airport you can try them out!


Located in Estonia, Russia, Amsterdam, Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Dhubai, India, China, Japan, Brazil, and New York City.


GoSleep pods are helping travelers all around the world get some rest while they’re in transit. These pods recline your seat back as you sit into the pod, and then manually you will pull the shade overhead to cover the opening.

There are holes inside the shade to ensure you have plenty of air circulation, a standard size luggage compartment, and a power outlet to charge your electronic devices. These pods are truly “pay per use” – you pay for as long as you stay and no more. 


Located in Munich Airport and Berlin-Tegel Airport.


NapCabs cabins provide a hideaway from the airport hectic and noise. What’s super interesting about NapCabs is that the check-in and check-out process is as easy as the tap of your finger.

You book easily and instantly using the touchscreen on the front of the cabin. In addition, these pods are a bit larger and there’s space to do work, write, read, and plug in your electronic devices.

The NapCabs are cleaned immediately after each use, the staff are alerted automatically when you leave the cabin for good. 


Located in Washington D.C.


Sleepbox is a modern hotel alternative. According to their site, “Sleepbox is a new type of hotel, the one that makes it easier to travel. The hotel that is not a golden cage, but is a vehicle for your adventure. The hotel that can be right where you are and where you want to be.”

Well, we like the sound of that! This modern hotel is currently located in Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. The Sleepbox Lounge has plans to expand to multiple other locations across the U.S. These pods feature a place to sleep, a reading light, a small lap desk for your laptop, and semi-private bathrooms and lounge areas.

Minute Suites

Located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Philadelphia, and North Carolina.

minuite suite

Minute Suites, The Traveler’s Retreat, embodies an empowering mission, “We began as a wellness-based solution to the stress and fatigue caused by air travel. And while we’re still that healthy solution, we’re also a clean and calm oasis for anyone who needs to get serious work done or just wants a moment of peace in the midst of a crowded terminal.”

If that interests you, we think you’ll love your stay at the Minute Suites in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The company has now expanded to multiple locations across the U.S. and has plans to continue its growth. 

All standard suites feature complimentary DirecTV, Netflix, Wifi, a daybed, and minibar. These suites provide a peaceful, calming area for you to relax in between flights, after flights, or whenever you need to find peace and quiet at the terminal.


Located in London, New York City, France, Boston, Singapore, San Francisco, Istanbul, Singapore, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.


YotelAir offers micro airport hotels in Europe and other parts of the world. Similar to Yotel hotels, YotelAir hotels offers self check-in using self-service kiosks.

There’s no need to leave the airport, simply check-in at YotelAir into a sleeping pod. These are a bit more luxurious than the others we’ve listed here – they feature a smart bed, adjustable mood lighting, TV, power outlet, workstation, and a bathroom with a rain shower.

YotelAir rooms can be booked for the night or on an hourly basis as well. So even if you don’t need to sleep, you can use these rooms as an office or as a simple rest spot for the rest of your trip. 

Now that you’ve seen our list, are you ready to nap at the airport? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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