How Much Are You Supposed To Tip? Your Travel Tipping Cheat Sheet

how much are you supposed to tip?

Tipping rules vary from place to place and also by scenario.

With 196 countries in the world, knowing how much you are supposed to tip in of each one is next to impossible.

Is it expected? Unexpected but appreciated? Are you unknowingly signaling a bribe or coming off as condescending?

Tipping abroad can be a tricky landscape to navigate, leaving you with the question: “How much are you supposed to tip?!”

There are, however, some steadfast rules that will serve you well no matter what the situation:

3 rules of thumb that you can apply to every tipping scenario:

1. When abroad, consider what the value of the tip is in the place you’re visiting and keep it appropriate.
2. Check and see if a service charge has been automatically added.
3. When tipping, always do it in cash and in the currency of the country you are visiting.

Keep those in mind and read on for tipping guidelines for 10 of the most traveled countries:

how much are you supposed to tip

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Keep in mind that these are general country guidelines, and there will always be slight regional differences and exceptions.

Also, don’t be shy to chat with fellow travelers or ask your hotel concierge or homestay host what’s customary in the area.

Have you visited in any of the countries listed? Have some tipping stories to tell? Comment below!

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