Lingualizer Teaches You How To Say Hello In Different Languages

how to say hello in different languages

Pete is fluent in Bulgarian, German and English, intermediate in French, Spanish, Serbian and Russian.

Not bad, not bad!

He is the face and brain behind Lingualizer a YouTube channel dedicated to translating common words, sayings, days of the week, pick up lines and songs (just to name a few) into as many as 46 different languages.

He posts these entertaining videos weekly and once you watch one you’ll be cueing up the next one because they are short, funny and you just might learn something!

It was hard to choose one to feature here, but as Peter says himself, ‘Being able to greet people when traveling around the world is really important’ we agree! So without any further ado, here is How To Say “HELLO!” In 46 Languages:

How many did you know already? Which ones are your favorite? Comment below!

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