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travel packing list

A travel packing list can sometimes be an afterthought.

There’s so much excitement that goes into other parts of pre-trip planning – scoping out accommodations, researching the cool neighborhoods and must-see spots to hit up – that when it comes down to making your packing list it’s hard to get focused.

And if you’re traveling with a plus-one, your family or a group, packing lists get that much more complicated. What all needs to be brought? Who has what, needs what, and can bring it along?

Not being organized causes headaches, frustration and can sometimes be expensive (depending on what you forget to bring).

We feel ya (and us too!). And that’s why we created Pack This.

This iPhone and iPad app is simple but powerful. It walks you effortlessly through the packing process by asking key questions like:

  • Where are you going?
  • How long are you going for?
  • Who’s going with you?

Travel Packing List App

Once your trip basics are set up you can easily categorize and itemize the way that makes sense to you. Too many apps out there try to save you time by loading up useless items you don’t need. This can be visually overwhelming and not helpful as every adventure is unique.

How is a pre-populated list going to know you need to pack scented candles for a beach weekend? Or to bring your adult onesie camping? How is an algorithm going to know you can’t visit you aunt without bringing her back the empty maple syrup bottles from last year? You get the idea.

You know what you want and need to bring along… it’s just a matter of organizing your thoughts.

Instead, use Pack This and get a dedicated place and system to orchestrate the what-to-bring chaos in a neat and tidy checklist.

Pack This Travel App

Pack This works great as a solo packing list tool – but truly shines when traveling in a group.

By adding your travel-mates and tagging them to items, it cuts down on confusion once at your destination when you look at each other and say ‘I thought you were bringing that?!’ 🙈

packing list template

Pack This lists can be emailed directly to your travel mates. So there are no excuses for forgetting anything!

And the hype and build up before going away is part of the fun. What better way to get excited for an adventure than counting the number of sleeps before you go?

So we’ve equipped Pack This with a countdown clock to easily track the days until you leave, and even to check-in on the current weather at your destination (make sure you know whether to pack extra shorts or a parka ✅).

travel packing list

We know there are lots of different travel packing styles out there…

From people who haul out their suitcase months in advance to those who throw what’s clean into their backpack 30 minutes before departure.

And we designed Pack This to be quick, smooth, and easy to use so it works for all types of packers out there. For the already-organized among us, you’ll feel right at home with this travel packing list by your side. And if you tend to be on the last-minute side of things, do yourself and your crew a favor and get your mitts on Pack This

And now we want to know, what are your unusual yet essential items you always pack? Whats the weirdest thing you packed in your carry-on or suitcase? Comment below!

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