The TSA Instagram Account Is Terrifying And Hilarious

Ever wonder if you can bring a certain item on the plane with you or not?

A knife hidden in an umbrella is a no. A coffee cup mug with a replica gun handle is a no. Shrunken heads made out of goat skin? You can go ahead and pack that in your carry-on. These are just a few of the posts you can look forward to when browsing the TSA Instagram account.

Since 2013, Bob Burns has been posting photos of prohibited and items found every week. Educating the public on what is and is not ok to pack in your bag. In addition to the TSA Instagram account, he also runs the TSA blog and twitter account that encourages people to reach out with their questions. They range from terrifying to hilarious.

Take a look for your self here.

Have you ever had an item confiscated by border security? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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