25 Instagram Foodie Travel Influencers To Follow Right Now

Whether you’re a part of Generation X, Y, or Z, Instagram has changed the social media game.

Now, more than ever, we can find travel influencers with just a touch of the screen. Looking to try new foods or looking for the best eats in your city? There’s an Instagram specialist for that.

Check out our list of 25 Instagram foodie travel influencers to follow right now.

Alexa, Eating NYC: @eatingnyc

Ready to make a trip to NYC? You need to check out this professional eater’s Instagram account first.

She’s eaten at all of the city’s best spots including Olmsted, Casa Della Mozzarella, Au Cheval, and so many more fun foodie spots. She’s snapped photos of burgers, cheeses, ice cream, pizza, Asian foods, the best of the best!

Mel: @girleatworld

Mel’s food and travel log will take you all over the world with her iPhone. Yep, she’s eating her way across the globe and wants you to join her! 

James: @food_feels

James is traveling the world and finding food that makes him feel. Care to join him? Check out his Instagram for a start.

Mark: @migrationology

Mark travels for the food, it’s not just an added bonus. Oh, and he sells banana chips too!

Narcisco: @narcisco.official

Looking for a foodie who’s sipping on wine and ciabatta bread? Look no further than Narcisco, who calls himself the food artist.

Anna Chwistek: @anna_s_table

Anna’s blog, Serving Dumplings, is sure to make your mouth water with the incredible photos she takes for each post.

Christine & John: @chon.eats

Christine and John are taking over the LA, Texas, and Bay Area with their foodstagram deliciousness.

Using a Canon camera, the duo snaps pics of all their eating adventures from doughnuts and 32cm ice cream (in Korea), to dumplings and boba teas. 

Samantha: @foodiefindsauckland

Samantha is determined to showcase the best meals she has down under in Australia and New Zealand. Check out this pic of bone marrow from St. Alice restaurant – regional dishes are fascinating! 

Karen: @karenloveslondon

Looking for brunch in London? Or other parts of the world? Follow Karen’s brunch lovin’ blog and you’ll be running out the door for some of these foodie’s finds. 

Channi: @channieats

This food blogger from Vancouver feasts on more than just tea, but she doesn’t mind a cup now and then! Check out the amazing fun Asian food finds and other delicacies she’s tasting in Vancouver. 

Eva: @evakosmasflores

This food photographer is going to have you seeing food in a whole new light, literally.

She shoots incredibly creative and artistic photos of her dishes, which include lots of natural ingredients and farm to table dishes. 

Jenny & Cheng: @jennychengeats

You’ll love following Jenny and Cheng in Toronto and Kingston, Canada. The food blog features simple dishes like breakfast spreads, oysters, tacos, and burgers from around the area. 

Frannie: @frannieeatsmaine

Frannie is a born and raised Maine native who is super passionate about the growing food scene in this northern New England state. Crawfish anyone?


Based in Macau, on the southwest coast of China, @hungerlady brings the Instagram world a whole new level of flavor with eye-opening dishes on this feed. You’ll see noodles, dumplings, and other Chinese favorites! 

Jia Guo: @foodconnectsus

This food photographer and recipe developer is bringing you her all with incredible recipes and bright photos. Why not drool over the food and learn something about cooking too? 


The food bloggers at Foodie Rooney’s write about their meals on their blog which features these topics: Restaurants, Snack Attack, Quick Fire, and Dessert Goals. 


This foodstagram is all about healthy eating in Berlin Germany. The plates look fantastic and just as mouth-watering as the junk food! The more colorful the better, right?!


If you know all about holding the best foods up in the air for everyone to see (and for the best Instagram shot), then this account is just up your alley. We’re not sure what we like better, the floating bacon or the cascading spaghetti? 

Kelsey: @eatdrinkrunrepeat

Kelsey moved to Europe for the food and she’s going to show you the best of the best as she makes her way around. 


The creator behind @onehungryasian is making his way through London’s best eateries and restaurants. Check out his youtube channel for more food-spiration! 

Lin: @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

Lin is the mastermind behind her carefully curated foodie feed, which features all your favorite desserts and then some. 

Miss Travel Foodie: @misstravelfoodie

Miss Travel Foodie has a craving for adventure and is currently based in Seoul, Korea. Would you try this ice cream? Leave us a comment below! 


The motto of this Instagram feed is, “have you fed your girlfriend yet?”

It’s her boyfriend’s mission to take her out for yummy food and she documents it! How sweet. Psst! She specializes in dessert and ice cream, based in NYC. 


She’s finding the best beer around Deutschland and pretty much all over for you. Need we say more?


This account is all about beer brands, honest editorial, and tuning up their podcast. They send writers on adventures to try different beers! How cool! 

We hope we got your mouth watering and your wanderlust kicking with our list of travel and food influencers. So who are you following? Did we miss any? Leave us a comment below! 

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