6 Interesting Tips To Make Your Multigenerational Holiday More Enjoyable

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Traveling with family members can create beautiful memories, but if not planned properly, the trip can turn into a nightmare.

This is especially true for multigenerational holidays. The biggest challenge in planning a multigenerational holiday is to keep everyone happy and content.

If you are planning a multigenerational holiday for your family, we understand your concerns. This is the reason why we compiled these five interesting tips to make your multigenerational holiday more enjoyable.

Tip #1: Involve everyone in the planning 

trip planning

When it comes to a holiday, everyone has their personal preferences.

Finding out someone has a problem with the itinerary is going to create conflicts. If you thoroughly want to enjoy your multigenerational holiday, make sure you involve everyone in the planning. Everyone should mutually decide the destination, accommodation, itinerary, and activities. 

One easy way to decide is to take votes. Since many people are involved in the plan, let everyone vote for the shortlisted options and the majority shall win. This game will help keep everyone involved in the planning and also make them feel like their opinion matters. Voting also makes the whole planning process more playful and fun.

Alternatively, if the voting is not working out for some reason, you can introduce a ‘surprise from the universe hat.‘ Throw all the options written on chits in the hat and ask someone to pick. Whatever comes, you have to accept. The universe has decided.

Tip #2: Select accommodation wisely 

multigenerational accommodations

Failure or success of a vacation largely depends on the accommodation.

If you select the wrong accommodation, no one, absolutely no one will have fun. Whereas, if you select accommodation that can cater to the different lifestyle of generations, everyone will have a great time. 

As you are planning a multigenerational holiday, make sure to select accommodation that is comfortable for the senior members, safe and fun for the young ones, and entertaining for other adults. 

How about family hotels or family resorts for a multigenerational holiday? Family-friendly hotels and resorts specialise in extending amenities and facilities appealing to everyone, from their oldest guest to the youngest one. 

Tip #3: Do Not Stuff Your Day With Activities 

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Every traveler wants to explore a destination as much as possible within a limited timeframe, and in a bid to do so, they often pack their day with activities. What follows is hopping from one place to the next without taking a moment to stop and take in the travel pleasure.

The idea of a fast-paced vacation is not liked by many. Besides, you must also take the senior members into account. They may not have the energy to cover all the activities scheduled for a single day. So take it slow, even if you miss a few things, you will at least thoroughly enjoy the activities you choose without any rush. 

Tip #4: Plan Activities That Everyone Enjoys 

Multigenerational Travel

Here’s the tricky part of the planning. You need to be tactful in your choice of activities.

You cannot expect the senior members to enjoy adventure activities, just like you can’t expect kids to enjoy a museum visit. Therefore, pick activities that you can enjoy as a family. 

It may be a tough nut to crack, but there are certain activities like boat trips, sightseeing tours, zoos, etc, that everyone enjoys equally. 

If you cannot decide on the activities that you all enjoy as a family, plan different activities for different members. If you are planning to go hiking or shopping, don’t leave the seniors at the hotel. Instead, book a table for them at a restaurant, so that they too can have fun and perhaps explore the nearby places by themselves. 

Similarly, plan some activities for the kids too. 

Tip #5: Give Everyone Their Space

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Of course, it is a family holiday, but everyone needs their own space at times and not everyone enjoys the same activities. So make sure you schedule at least some time apart.

The senior members may want to spend some time relaxing in their room. You and your partner may want to go on a romantic date at the finest restaurant in the city. The kids may want to spend some time at the hotel’s play zone. 

Give everyone a little time to themselves and let them enjoy on their own. 

TIP #6: Invest In Medical Travel Insurance 

Medical Travel Insurance

Traveling with the elderly and children is always risky. They may fall sick, leaving you worried about lots of bills and getting them the right care in an unfamiliar location.

To make sure you have a happy and safe holiday, you must invest in medical travel insurance. Also, make sure your family members are part of a good insurance policy. Certain life insurance companies like the USAA offer term and permanent life insurance that provides comprehensive coverage so you can enjoy your trip worry-free and be prepared for anything unexpected.

Even close-knit families can have conflicts during multigenerational holidays, but if the holiday is planned keeping everyone’s opinions, likes, and dislikes in mind, it can be a memorable chapter in your life. 

Have a happy vacation!

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