Atlas Obscura’s 100 Top Wonders Of The World

Atlas Obscura is home to strange unusual places.

It is the go-to for people seeking out hidden wonders of the world. When you visit The Atlas you can browse destinations and attractions that feature these off the beaten path spectacles. Each article has three buttons, ‘Been Here?’ ‘Want To Visit’ and ‘Add To List’ and as a member of their community you can leave your mark in the tally.

And in 2018, ‘Want To Visit’ was tapped more than a million times. Based on that data they’ve rounded up The World’s Top 100 Wonders In 2018.

What ranked number one will make you smile. I’ve also added #63, #27, and #15 to my wishlist! You’ll have to check out the full collection here to find out what they are 🙂

Which ones have you visited? Which ones are going on your list? Comment below!

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