Famous Hotels From Movies You Can (& Can’t) Stay In

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I’ve always wanted to stay in the hotel from The Shining.

The haunted ‘Overlook Hotel’ in the movie is so central to the story. The iconic hexagon patterned carpeting, the eerie Gold Room, the enormous hedge maze, down to the blood red washroom. Sadly the majority of what I love about this hotel cannot be visited. It was shot almost entirely at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England, where the hotel interior was constructed.

There is something thrilling about the prospect of actually staying at the very place a film was shot. These famous hotels do exist!

The Travel put together a great list of 10 Famous Movie Hotels We Can Actually Stay At (And 10 That Aren’t Real). Guaranteed you’ve seen most of these flicks and it might just inspire your next trip.

Enjoy the read! Have you stayed at one of these famous hotels? Comment below!

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