ICEHOTEL 365 – One Very Cool Hotel

ICEHOTEL 365 One Cool Hotel

There aren’t many hotels in the world that ARE the destination of a trip.

Northern Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is definitely an exception to the rule. ❄️

It’s been a world famous hotel and art exhibition since 1989 – completely constructed each season out of “snice” – a mixture of snow and ice made from the water of the Torne River.

Up until this year, the ICEHOTEL has been an experience that happens in the winter months only. But alongside the classic experience, ICEHOTEL 365 is making its debut…

This new one is a permanent structure that will be running all year-round!

Yep, the very first ice hotel that can be enjoyed no matter the season:

“How can this be?” You may be wondering…

Funny enough, the building is able to run 365 days a year by harnessing the suns rays, leveraging solar power from the region’s sunlight during the warmer months and storing it to run the ICEHOTEL 365 all year. 😎

Following closely in his big brother’s footsteps – each deluxe suite in the 365 model is individually themed and hand carved by artists commissioned from around the world.

This is one for your bucket list people!

Have you ever been? Or planning to go? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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