What Is Reverse Culture Shock (Post Trip Blues)? And How To Prevent It

culture shock

“Post-trip blues” are a real thing. And. They. Suck. 😞 

Sometimes referred to as “reverse culture shock,” it’s where the transition from the foreign to the familiar gets tougher than expected. 

For some, it’s just trouble concentrating (usually accompanied by daydreaming and, therefore, sometimes negative feelings about home). For others, it’s tougher — depression, avoidance, lethargy. 

Have you ever experienced any of this post-trip? 

If so, you’re certainly not alone because this is one of the most common troubles our community experiences at the end of a trip. 

Even if you’ve just had a hint of this, this email will serve you well because we’ll go through some powerful ways to beat the post-trip blues so you can get back to those happier days and even get excited about your next jaunt. 😅  

Let’s start with a powerful tactic to combat this…  

Keep Writing

Keep writing

Travel journaling is a great way to transition to “normal life” because it keeps you a bit in both worlds. It won’t feel like you were just slammed back into reality because you’ll still be documenting and reminiscing about the adventures you were just on.

But it’s more than that… 

Journaling isn’t about just collecting memories. No, the real magic happens to you during the process of journaling — it changes you. 

It makes you think deeper about things, which makes you a better version of you because the more you do it the stronger of a grasp you’ll have on your emotions and your everyday reality. (This is a massive reason why I, along with many others, believe that even a 5-minute gratitude journaling session every day is completely life-transforming) 

If you’ve already done your “highlight reel” Journo, consider taking it more in-depth. Write about your favorite foods, the incredible (or crazy) people you crossed paths with, the greatest (or saddest) sights. Write about what you’d do differently on a similar trip in the future. Write about any of it. The point is simply to think and write

So catch up or expand on journaling your trip, and then keep that habit process alive with daily gratitude. 

If you’d like a few prompts to spark some writing after you’ve finished your trip Journo, here’s our 21-Day Journo Challenge, for free.  

Stay In Touch

Did you make new friends on your trip? 

Connecting with them is another way to bridge your two worlds now that you’re back, and… 

…there’s nothing better than having and cultivating friendships from all over the world! 

So write them, share pics with them, FaceTime them once a month, send them a voice memo whenever you think of them or something you experienced together. They’ll love it, and so will you.  

Get Into A Healthy Routine

healthy routine

Sure, exercising will trim your waistline, improve your sex life, and add years to your life… 

But — better than that — the shot of endorphins it releases gives you more energy throughout the day (which is a big argument for starting your day with a work out), lets you sleep better at night, improves how mentally sharp you’ll feel, and will generally make you feel more relaxed and in a better mood.  

Combine that with a healthy diet (which will probably be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you loaded your body up on while away 🤤) and you’ll begin to feel better in no time. 

So, start walking, running, playing sports, hitting the gym, whatever. Just start somewhere.  

Keep Busy

keep busy

“Netflix and chill” can have its time, and maybe after your trip, you really needed to spend a couple of nights doing absolutely nothing. But know that continuing with it does nothing positive for you or add anything meaningful to your life. 

Instead, think about anything that intrigued you on your trip. Was there something you thought you’d like to pick up? A new hobby, sport, book, etc.? 

Do it! 

Or, maybe there’s housework you can do or something you’ve always wanted to build, or a fun side hustle to pay for more travel?  

Now is the time to fill your days with an activity that puts you to bed tired because you did something of value. Life is better when you’re building something, get started with whatever that is for you.  

Explore The City In Your Backyard

Explore the city in your backyard

We focus a lot on seeing new parts of the world, but the city in your backyard is probably full of cool stuff to see and experience too. 

Get out and explore it! Walk through new neighborhoods, stop off at a cafe you’ve never been in, take a day trip to a small town near, pack up your camping gear and spend the weekend in the woods… 

Have you been to the museums? Eaten at all the popular hole-in-the-wall joints? Taken a history tour of your city? Been to all the festivals and events that draw people by the thousands? 

There are countless new things to experience right at home. And doing so will keep you growing, happy, and time will fly by and your next trip will be here sooner than you can believe.  

Whether it’s just one or a combination of these ideas, I know they serve you well in kickin’ the post-trip blues in a jiffy!

If you want to take it a step further, start planning your next adventure with this definitive guide to choosing your travel destination. 

Have you ever experienced this reverse culture shock? What helped you? Please consider sharing your experience below so we can all learn from it. Thanks!

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