Coffeephile – 10 Unique Ways The World Enjoys Coffee Infographic!

Not many of us can start a day without a cup of coffee.

The serious connoisseurs (aka. coffeephile) among us like it how we like it…But take a look at this coffee infographic to peek into some unique ways the rest of the world takes their cup.

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That’s just 10 of many regional coffee styles from around the world.

I don’t know about you but all this coffee talk has made me thirsty…

And since I’m an avid tea drinker too, someone get me a cup of iced Yuenyeung on the double! 😊

Tell us: how do you like your cup? What’s popular where you live? Comment below!

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  1. Very nice post Ann!
    I can confirm that all you’ve written about Italy is true! However, you missed a very important point: Never ever ask for a Cappuccino after lunch! Otherwise Baristas will stare at you with a grumpy face, eheh 🙂

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