17 Best Travel Subscription Boxes To Gift Any Adventurer

We’ve all become experts at keeping ourselves entertained during this challenging COVID time when travel is at an all-time low, but we know the wanderlust is still there. 

As the holidays slowly creep in, we know you’re already thinking of ways to bring the sense of wonder back into your lives.

Whether you’re looking for that sense of wanderlust for yourself or hoping to spark it in the lives of others, there are lots of cool subscription boxes to keep that exhilarating sense of adventure alive and well! 

Here are the 17 best travel subscription boxes to gift any adventurer. 

Try The World

For many of us, the joy and the beauty of travel is found in tasting local delicacies and new recipes in new places.

With the Try The World subscription box, you can choose from the “Countries” subscription box, which includes a curated selection of gourmet foods including ingredients to cook with, drinks, and snacks.

All options are delivered to your doorstep monthly.

The Wordy Traveler

How about a travel subscription box that brings the world’s books to you?

The Wordy Traveler has several options for book lovers who like to travel or just need that sense of adventure. After all, sometimes that’s why we read!

The Wordy Traveler provides a quarterly box, or one box every three months. Choose from Around the World, Two Season Voyage, or the Weekend Getaway. Each quarter has its own destination – this month it might be Italy and the next delivery maybe Japan!

The Full Suitcase edition, which you can choose fiction or nonfiction, will send you three books, ethically sourced tea, and little surprises, while the Backpacking edition will send you one book, ethically sourced tea, and some small surprises. Prices vary and a prepay option is available.

Explore Local Box

The Explore Local Box brings local products and food from the USA right to your doorstep.

Each month you can explore a new city with local food and products. You’ll enjoy products that you can’t find everywhere, facts about the city, and stories about these products.

Explore Local Box aims to send you gifts from locals and artisans, for instance, the coasters made by a Portland man. A fun way to see and learn more about the U.S.! 

Vacation Crate

The Vacation Crate is a great way to experience all parts of the world from the comfort of your home.

These ethically-made and cruelty-free items will bring a splash of adventure and vacation to your life with handmade, artisanal accessories, and beauty products. Subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months – or gift the box to a friend. A fun way to enjoy a “staycation.”

Jetsetter Chic

The Jetsetter Chic Travel Safety Kit is designed to keep you safe, germ-free, and looking chic while doing it.

The kit includes two biodegradable face masks made from beechwood trees, 2.8 oz aromatherapy infused hand sanitizer, and a 100% recyclable to-go pouch. Purchase the kit now or subscribe to it bimonthly.

This kit is ideal for someone who is still traveling throughout the COVID-19 travel restrictions, and even after. A fun way to stay safe! 

Spice Madam

With a Spice Madam subscription, you will receive a curated box of global spices, recipes, music, and fun facts to explore.

You’ll experience a different destination every month. In addition to learning about the world through spices and recipes, your purchase supports a non-profit that impacts youth education.

The Spice Madam box features 3-4 spice packs to make 4-6 servings, 4-6 gourmet recipes, fun cultural facts, and a music playlist. Each recipe has been tested by the Spice Madam team and carefully curated to ensure you’re getting the best of that destination!

Make sure you listen to the playlist while you cook for the full culinary experience.


The Cairn subscription boxes are perfect for any outdoorsy, adventure type of person.

Delivered monthly, these boxes include expertly curated and tested outdoor products like clothing, shoes, backpacks, snacks, water bottles, and so much more.

These are full-sized items with up to $50 of retail value in each box. Get Cairn and get outside! 


The SeaCrate from CrateJoy is a monthly subscription box for beach and ocean lovers or for those who are dreaming of being on a beach!

Bring the beach to your home with a minimum of 4 beachy items for the home, bath & body, jewelry, beachcombed treasure, ocean-themed products, fashion accessories, home decor, and sweet or salty treats.

You always have a chance to win a free gift and there are often surprise bonus items in each box. Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefits the Ocean Conservancy! 

Universal Yums

With Universal Yums, you get snacks from a different country delivered monthly.

Choose from boxes with 6 snacks, 12 snacks, or 20 snacks. All boxes include a booklet with fun games and trivia and free shipping. The bigger boxes include additional bonus content like recipes.

Boxes can be used as a great educational component for little ones who are homeschooled or for anyone looking to learn more about different places around the world! 

Kizuna Box

The Kizuna Box brings Japan to your doorstep monthly.

Choose from the Kizuna Snack Box or the Kizuna Lifestyle Box. Both boxes feature both lifestyle items and snacks, however, the Snack Box will feature more snacks and the lifestyle box features more gifts, etc.

Finders Seekers

Finders Seekers subscription box brings a bit of fun to your home in addition to exploring a new place.

Every month the box will initiate fun and challenging escape room adventures! You’ll transport to a unique locale where you’ll uncover underground cultures and explore local traditions – get your thinking caps on! The subscription costs $30 monthly, and prepay options are available.


GlobeIn’s website states the box as “unique artisan goods, delivered to you monthly.” Wow, do we like the sound of that!

Pay monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or the annual price. Shop ethically with unique handmade products from remote artisans all across the globe.

Previously featured box themes include the Bao Box, the Chaat Box, and the Sabor Box. Bring the world’s products and handiwork to you with the GlobeIn box. 

Wild Woman Box

The Wild Woman Box is specially curated for the outdoorsy, adventurous women out there!

Gearing you up for all kinds of adventures, the Wild Woman Box includes gear, snacks, and other outdoor inspiration. Go month to month or you can prepay for three months. 

The Nomadik Box

The Nomadik Box is a new adventure, delivered to your door monthly. Each month, you will receive freshly launched gear, a monthly outdoor challenge, and expert tips in a themed box.

Another box for the outdoorsy adventure types, the Nomadik Box features monthly themes based on seasons and your interests, $50 retail value per box, up to 7 premium gear pieces, the option to skip any month and pay for what ships, and a monthly outdoor challenge that matches your box’s theme.

The FlyGirl Box

The items featured in The FlyGirl Box are all flight-approved sizes so you can bring them with you wherever and whenever!

The Deluxe Box features 5 travel items and includes an item for your suitcase or purse, an item for your lunch box, a snack, and one travel size beauty product.

Additional items can include travel themed jewelry or accessories, travel gadgets, or wanderlust inspired goodies. The Mini Box includes 3 hand-selected items from the categories above.

This box is specifically meant for flight attendants or those who are always on the go! 

Bibliophilic Excursions

With the Bibliophilic Excursions box, you get some cool goodies from around the world, including books, handmade items, and cultural snacks.

For instance, “read about the ancient Yakuza while tending to your very own tabletop zen garden.” This site has tons of options, including a ‘Ladies at Lunch’ box, a ‘Mystery and Mixology’ box, Holiday Specials, Special Destinations, and more.

Up & Away Adventures

Up & Away Adventures is a family-friendly box experience perfect for all families big or small.

The box, designed as a suitcase, will have your fam jumping for joy as they open it to discover games and activities while they incorporate the culture, cuisine, and people from countries around the world. Each suitcase comes equipped with items meant to ignite your five senses. 

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 17 best travel subscription boxes to gift any adventurer, what did you think? Which would you love to land at your doorstep? Leave us a comment below! 


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